Dockem Flip Wallet Case for iPhone SE 3 (2022), SE 2 (2020), 8 & 7; Synthetic Leather and TPU Bumper Wallet Case with…

Twill canvas style synthetic leather provides an elegant and professional look and feel, while the minimalist TPU rubber shell provides just enough extra protection for the edges of your device
Magnetic flap with elastic wallet slot and easy access thumb cutout makes this an extremely user-friendly card case. No more struggling to get your cards in and out. The flap can also conveniently function as a stand for your phone when in lanscape mode. Note that the magnet should not effect modern credit cards and debit cards, however it may cause issues with weaker magnetic stripe cards such as hotel access cards.
Easily holds 4 or more cards, so you can carry all your vital cards along with a bill or 2 of folded cash if needed. Carry your ID or driver’s license, credit card, debit card, access cards, or subway cards. Price: $9.99 (as of 04/08/2023 02:01 PST- Details)

Product Description

The Dockem Wallet Case for iPhone with TPU bumper is a highly functional yet attractive case. It fits in with your casual jeans but also doesn’t look out of place in a professional business environment. The minimalist TPU rubber shell provides just enough protection to keep your phone safe from minor drops and bumps while maintaining a slim profile. The magnetic wallet flap doubles as a stand when in landscape mode, and the easy access thumb opening on the card slot makes this case an incredibly functional item to add to any smartphone user’s repertoire.

Go Wallet-less: Free yourself from one more item in your pockets. The wallet flap can easily accommodate up to 4 cards or more, so you can keep your driver’s license, credit cards, debit cards, or a little bit of folded cash with your phone.

Great for RFID Access Cards: Many card cases don’t work with RFID contactless access cards, such as subway/Metro contactless cards, building access contactless security cards, or contactless payment cards. On most cases the card is held too close to the phone, so your phone acts as a blocker, keeping the RFID from transmitting properly. With this case, you can simply flip open the flap to avoid this issue. You won’t have to remove your card every time you need to use it for contactless access or purchases.

Backed by Dockem’s USA Based Customer Support and Quality Guarantee: Customer satisfaction means the world to us. As with all of our products, we offer quick, professional, and hassle-free support. Should anything go wrong, we’re here to help and to resolve it in the most convenient manner possible.

Please Note: While this case does provide some protection, please be reasonable with your expectations. While the TPU bumper does offer more protection most plastic shell cases, please know that this is not a heavy-duty case, and is meant to protect only from scratches, minor bumps and minor drops.