ProtiDIET, Maple Sugar Instant Oatmeal Mix, 2 Pack

15 Grams of protein and only 90 calories
Only 1 gram of fat.
Delicious instant ‘portable’ breakfast. Price: $9.00 (as of 10/28/2020 15:31 PST- Details)

Product Description

Protidiet’s Maple-Brown Sugar Flavor High Protein Instant Oatmeal provides 15 grams of high quality protein for a great breakfast start to anyday! No Aspartame Added. Ingredients: Isolated soy protein, rolled oats, milk protein isolate, xanthum gum, artificial flavor, whey protein isolate, sodium bicarbonate, salt, caramel color, sucralose. Contains: soybeans, milk. Manufactured in a facility that uses eggs and wheat. Only 90 calories per portion!